Revamilartikel engels vs 2[1]

Published in WCS News, dec 2006

Sweet after acid

Revamil Honey gel, a successful remedy for wounds

W. van Eijk en O. Groenhart*


In recent years, the number of patients with difficult to heal wounds has increased significantly. Several developments effect the increase of patients with chronic wounds:

  •  On average 4,4% of the total population in the UK suffers from Diabetus Mellitus, equating to 2.2 million (Forouhi, 2006). The estimated number of Americans with diagnosed diabetes is projected to increase 165%, from 11 million in 2000 (prevalence of 4.0%) to 29 million in 2050 (prevalence of 7.2%) (Boyle, 2001). About 25% of all diabetes patients will need specialised medical care during the course of there illness, while 10% will develop diabetic foot ulcers.

  •  The proportional increase of the ageing population causes an increase of patients with venous leg ulcers. The prevalence of venous leg ulcers is 1% over the total population, but equates to 4 to 5% for people aged >80 in The Netherlands.

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Revamilartikel engels vs 2[1]